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A Deep Dive into Alpha Lion Supplements

Thursday, 2 Nov 2023

Alpha Lion manufactures dietary supplements specializing in performance enhancement and recovery, catering to Central and South Texas fitness enthusiasts. Troy Adashun and Jordan Fares are the founders of this performance supplement company. They both have years of experience in the fitness field, which encouraged them to establish the company in 2017.

Alpha Lion is headquartered in New York, NY. In 2020, BodyBuilding magazine named Alpha Lion the “Breakout Brand of the Year” because of its well-studied ingredients, transparent labeling, and flavors. You’ll find lots of Alpha Lion reviews on various social and review platforms.

Let’s discuss the top Alpha Lion supplements, how they can help, and where to find them.

Best-sellers of Alpha Lion

Many of the Alpha Lion supplements are popular among customers. Alpha Lion Superhuman and Alpha Lion Pre workouts are the most popular product lines. Superhuman Extreme, Superhuman Core, Superhuman Pre-workouts, Superhuman Protein, and Gains Candy are best-sellers.

Alpha Lion offers countless supplements for alpha males who love working out at the gym or home. These supplements are focused on enhancing performance and boosting recovery. For example, Alpha Lion pre workout Sport increases strength and endurance. Another product, Alpha Lion Protein, helps to support lean muscle growth. There are hundreds of Alpha Lion supplements available that are targeted to deliver a particular benefit.

Below are a few notable Alpha Lion supplements:

Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn

Alpha Lion claims Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn is a fat-burning product that enhances performance. This pre-workout product is great for amplifying caloric expenditure, which helps increase training intensity. The company also claims Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn includes research-backed ingredients. It’s designed with the Alpha Lion’s novel SXT™ Energy System, which focuses on burning calories and elevating strength and focus. 

Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn has seven trademarked ingredients with 100% transparent labels. There is no banned substance or side effects in the product. All Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn ingredients are GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe).

Gains Candy MitoBurn®

It’s another fat-burner supplement of Alpha Lion that helps to boost the workout effects. It also helps to accelerate fat loss even when taking a day off from the workouts by mimicking the effects of exercise. In our bodies, we have two types of fat: white and brown fat. White fat is considered “bad fat” as it stores energy. On the other hand, brown fat is regarded as good fat that helps to increase energy expenditure. 

Gains Candy MitoBurn® works to convert the white fat into brown fat. This product can offer a range of benefits, including gaining rapid results from training, promoting healthy energy expenditure and healthy carbohydrate tolerance, and encouraging ketosis.

Night Burn

It’s a great sleep aid and fat-burner product from Alpha Lion. Our sleep time can impact our fitness. This product is designed to leverage the benefits of sleep. Fat burning is not restricted to the daytime only. Since our metabolism is active 24/7, Night Burn can promote sleep quality, maximize fat loss potential, and help mitigate occasional stress.

Night Burn contains four trademarked and research-supported ingredients that can boost metabolism by 400%. This helps a person get the deepest sleep while burning fat 24/7.

Cravings Killer

This is an excellent product for those who constantly crave food and have a huge appetite. Alpha Lion Cravings Killer is a natural appetite and cravings suppressant, including scientifically studied, patented ingredients.

Its ingredients help reduce cravings by up to 69% while helping to suppress appetite. This also helps to reduce calories absorbed and promote a healthy mood. Without controlling cravings and appetite, exercise alone may not be effective. But Cravings Killer can help prevent the cycle of excessive appetite and cravings within two weeks.

Superhuman® Pre

This Alpha Lion pre workout product is also from the Superhuman line. It is designed to offer high-performance training intensity. It has an amazing formula that works for those who struggle with gym motivation or stagnant workouts.

The Superhuman® Pre products are most prevalent among all the Alpha Lion reviews. It contains two premium trademarked ingredients and features a 100% transparent label. This product is also safe and side-effect free and made of research-backed ingredients.

Alpha Lion pre workout products are ready to deliver you all-day energy. This product contains types of caffeine that offer a fast-acting and sustained energy experience while reducing the spike and crash effect.

Where to Buy

Ready to make an informed choice after reading through Alpha Lion reviews? Contact Rock’s Discount Vitamins or visit any of their 28 locations near you to explore the best-selling Alpha Lion supplements and countless other products to keep you fit and healthy.